David Ropeik

Author, award-winning television reporter, teacher, consultant, public speaker; all of David’s work has been directed toward the same goal; to develop in-depth knowledge about an area of public interest, to synthesize that knowledge, and to provide that synthesis in a clear, entertaining, relevant way so people can benefit from that information. For the past decade, his focus has been on applying a better understanding of the way people perceive risk to the challenge of risk communication and overall risk management.

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How Risky Is It, Really?

Why Our Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts.

Most of us worry too much about some things, and not enough about others. How Risky Is It, Really? explains why, revealing in fascinating detail the subconscious human system of risk perception and how it is driven as much by emotion and instinct as by reason and fact. This book is an essential guide to understanding why your fears sometimes don’t match the facts, and for making healthier choices in a risky modern world.

Ropeik & Associates

Consulting in Risk Perception, Risk Communication, and Risk Management.

Risk is a subjective affair. It’s not just a matter of the facts, but also how those facts feel. Understanding why some risks feel more frightening, and some less, is essential for communicating about risk effectively, and for tackling the human behavioral aspects of overall risk management.


A Practical Guide for Deciding What’s Really Safe and What’s Really Dangerous in the World Around You.

From nuclear radiation to cell phones and driving, learn more about the risks you face, or fear, so you can make more informed and healthier choices.


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How Risky Is It, Really?

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